About US

Vertical Eleven Business Systems is an online based Business Support Service provider near KOLKATA. The experts from multiple domains from leading brands are putting efforts to provide effective, efficient and customized solutions on the impact of Website Launch and Start Up Consulting, Brand Building, Digital Marketing or Promotion, Online Software Development to Market Research Solutions of new product or idea to the start ups entrepreneurs and established business houses globally.

The Team

A small number of result oriented experts who are experienced from leading brands in ADMINISTRATIVE LEVEL steering the Business Support Services with huge potential to overcome nasty practical business challenges. Our leaders are continuously researching on new methodologies, technologies and pchychologies to adapt right thing in right time. Leading experts, overheads our divisions like WEB TECHNOLOGY, DIGITAL MARKETING and START UPS are Santosh Prasad Das, Lily Sengupta, Ankuranjan Sarkar


INDIA is a greater and complexier economy in today’s world. As the unemplyment is at its best level since 2005 it is more important to grow entrepreneurship models. Which may stabilize the society in greater context. The aim of VERTICAL ELEVEN is not to grow itself as a big market capitalist but to setup a different community in south asian countries where small businesess will be more secure sover lifestyle than job holders. That can reinvent the new generation of self sufficiency