1. The completion of the project is depend upon contents from owners end.

2. It is recommended to provide all contents within 30 days and complete the project within 45 days otherwise the project will be marked completed within 45 days. And will be asked for full payment furthermore.

3. a) No adult content is allowed on websites.
b) No fraudulent Services or packages allowed on websites.
c) No Religious Violence is allowed as content on websites.

4. In case of any service failure by the website owner to their customers, VERTICAL ELEVEN BUSINESS SYSTEMS is never responsible.

5. Payment gateway costing depends upon your business transaction value and nature of business.

6. There are list of businesses not allowed to transact money online over PG.

7. KYC submission and over all procedure takes almost a week to fortnight generally to start accepting payments.

8. Transaction service charge is as per individual PG company rules.

9. We only assist you to involve a payments accepting system via various PG Systems and not responsible for any mis-happening and can be resolved by PG service provider support system if happens.

10. Renewal of website will be done by automated servers on pipeline que basis once your payment encountered at our end.

11. Renewal period is this year’s current month to next year’s previous month basis not as day to day basis. [Example: www.verticaleleven.com has renewal period of April’2016 to March’2017]

12. Vertical Eleven is a solution provider company with target to optimize service efficiency level at optimized cost. Therefore we cannot work as digital labor on your site.

13. We do not work for the sites created buy purchasing domain, hosting/server plus associated technologies with other agencies. We only work if your site fully rendered through us.

14. For updating contents communication channel is our support portal or the email. (no support or content is accepted over whatsapp)

15. We do neither provide door step service nor entertain clients at ADMIN OFFICE, hence everytime you need assistance it is requested to connect online.

16. For support it is recommended to send email.

17. Our plan have wordpress/opencart/magento or other platforms limited to control posts, pages, images and products only. For full control take over as it needed more powerful server technology end, it is needed to have at least hosted on vps cloud server with us.

18. We do not share/expose our client database or our clients customer database to any agency.