Why YOU need a website

Having own business is no easy job, and your to-do-list to improve your business never ends. In these days there is no short cuts when it comes to having online visibility. Its today as everyone always just look into their smartphones, there is no other way to promote your business than being online. It’s vital to position yourself online with a strong, professional image that gives customers the impression you mean the business seriously and the motivation to want to engage more your customers mind. With this in mind …. lets find why the other free listings not enough and why a WEBSITE is needed.

What can you do if you want to go for FREE listing online?

  1. 1. You can list your business on blogsite.
  2. 2. You can open a facebook / twitter / google page
  3. 3. You can list your business on online business directory
  4. 4. You can create an online ad on classified
  5. 5. You can create a free website on free website service like webs.com or wix.com

Well well well . . . . . . there are many options now a days to go online without spending a single penny. But there are points that doesn’t work at all with this kind of free listings on business goals.


Lets consider DIPA want to buy an aerobic mini gym set in her city for home. She started searching on search engine and found this type of 5 free links of mini aerobic gym set in her city as below….

I. A blog on blogger.com or blogspot.com regarding someone explains on the mini gym set or how to get benefited with mini gym set or a store owner who posted some photos of mini gym set and described some details of store.

II. A facebook page of a store in city, showing some photos of mini gym sets.

III. Some directory listing of sport stores the city with phone no and addresses.

IV. Some sale ads (new/old) on classified.

V. A Free website of a store on wix.com (like gymstoremycity.wix.com)

Now what will go on in her mind? She will see all the links carefully. She will get idea on photos, models, the advantages, disadvantages of many models on this links. And probably she will also collect some phone numbers and addresses of stores. But there are questions.

Scenario 1. Will she buy the gym set seeing a blog only? Anyone can create a blog, either blogger have the store at all or not. May be someone created because wants to earn some penny putting adsense on this blog.

Scenario 2. Will she buy the gym seeing an Faceook page only? People starts SOCIAL pages even without having the business in reality. Or they create pages to see people have interests in that business or not.

Scenario 3. Will she buy the gym seeing a store on business directory only? How she decide, to choose a particular store? Because she will get more other stores list on same link. She will get confused. Even if she note addresses and phone numbers, it will not make her ring and visit a store.

Scenario 4. Will she buy the gym seeing a free ad on classified only? Well, she will go through the ads both old and new, but you will never decide to go for one, because she will see lot others on same page and will get confused.

Scenario 5: Will she buy the gym set seeing a webpage on wix or webs? Never, because she is to invest money in what she needs. And she values her money. Seeing this kind of links she will face lack of reliability. Because a competitor of a good reputed store can create a page of same name changing their name and address.

Now lets see what happens if DIPA sees a WEBSITE of a GYM STORE in her city in the search results. Below are the possibilities when DIPA visits the website.

  1. 1. She can see categorized catalogue of all gym sets.
  2. 2. She can find a best product according to suit her needs.
  3. 3. She can see product photos from various angles in gallery.
  4. 4. She can get feature list with technical specification and download the brochure.
  5. 5. She check the price list for the first time.
  6. 6. She can visit the contact page and locate the store on google map.
  7. 7. She can check if discounts are available at the time.
  8. 8. She can fill out a form to ask for a demo at her place.
  9. 9. She can see the reviews of other customers.
  10. 10. She can check their after sales service terms. . . .  and lot more.

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