World Bicycle Day

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Being a cycling enthusiast, on this date “World Bicycle Day” we decided to offer straight offer of 30% on websites related to cycling. It is great pleasure to do something for cycling.


Here are some cycling headlines today

‘Heroes of cycling’ feature in campaign to mark World Bicycle Day

World Cycling Day: 5 Thrilling Trails to Take in India

Some Cycling Facts

1. The longest tandem bicycle seated 35 people, it was more than 20 meters long.

2. You can fit around 15 bicycles in the same space that one car occupies

3. It is 20 times cheaper to maintain a bicycle than a car

4. If the number of cyclists was tripled, the rate of motorist-bicyclist accidents would be cut in half

5. The world manufactures about 100 million bikes each year

6. China boasts more than a half billion bicycles

7. There are twice as many bicycles in the world than cars

8. The word bicycle started being used several years after the first bicycles went on sale. The first models were called velocipedes.

9. The first bicycles were created in France, but the modern design was born in England.

10. 5% of all trips in United Kingdom are made with a bicycle. In the US this number is lower than 1%, but Netherlands has it at a staggering 30%.

11. Seven out of eight people in the Netherlands that are older than 15 have a bicycle.

12. The fastest measured speed of riding a bicycle on a flat surface is 133.75 km/h.

13. There are over 1 billion bicycles currently being used all around the world.

14. Bicycles save over 238 million gallons of fuel every year.

15. Cycling is one of the best pastimes for people who want to reduce the risk of having heart disease or a stroke.

16. Bicycles are more efficient in transforming energy to travel than cars, trains, airplanes, boats, and motorcycles.

17. The UK is home to over 20 million bicycles.

18. The same energy that is expended for walking can be used when cycling to go three times faster.

19. Energy and resources that are used for the creation of one single car can be used for the creation of up to 100 bicycles.

20. 10% of New York City’s workforce commute daily on bicycles.

21. 36% of Copenhagen’s workforce commute daily on bicycles, and only 27% drive cars. Bikes can also be rented for free.

22. 40% of all Amsterdam’s commutes are made on a bike.

Recommended Plan for Personal Cycling Website

Recommended Plan for Professional Cycling Website


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